About Us

Inspired during the unfortunate pandemic, three best friends were looking for ways to be outside. Why we picked up a golf club for fun is still questionable. However, we did and realized that we actually loved the game (AKA drinking, cursing, yelling, you name it). We quickly came to realize that the majority of women’s golf clothes sucked. Fast forward and here we are extending our love/hate relationship with the game to creating our cool Shanks Golf Apparel. Our goal is to design apparel for the everyday woman, any age, size, or creed. We want women to feel empowered no matter what! The most important factor in this game of golf isn’t really about your score (however, some may disagree), it’s about feeling comfortable in the clothes and having FUN!!!   Ladies, let’s be honest, looking and feeling good helps your game! Check us out and support women’s golf!

Stay SHANK-ful ladies!

Stacy, & Cary